Thursday, February 21, 2008

(1) Introduction

So, the beginning. As you may have noticed, I want to be a racing driver, and I'm just now starting out to become one. I leave for my first racing school course in 8 days (that's February 29th). But I'm getting ahead of myself.

My name is Gregory Evans. I'm 18 years old. I'm about 5 foot 7 inches. I weigh... not much. I'd be a flyweight in a boxing match. I live in California of Continental United States of America. I'm not going to any college as far as I can tell and probably not in the foreseeable future. I like guns and big explosions and video games and cars and loud bass (no, not the fish) and all those other things that young men my age are in to. And books, too (I'm partial to military non-fiction).

A few months ago, round about Halloween last year, I had a revelation. Until that day, I'd been searching and looking at about anything under the sun that might make me some money while not being a boring old normal job. During that time I learned one thing, well, two things:

A, I wasn't a boring person after all, so help me God.

and B, to get the kind of money I crave, you have to have a boring, safe, secure, daily grind job like being a stock broker or a banker or something like that. How could I have missed that during my pre-teens? Maybe I was too busy larking about. I still am I guess.

But I really didn't care to have money. Not that I hate money, if a million bucks appeared in my lap I wouldn't complain, but it's just not my ultimate goal. I want to have fun. Yes, fun. Remember that? Maybe some of you don't.

And so, in the middle of October 07, I was having some fun after a long stint of looking at careers like Oil Tycoon and Donald Trump Ultimate Real-Estate Wheeler and Dealer. And I realized, this is quite nice. Yes, this would do nicely. I really enjoy this. Yes. Such a simple thing.

What was I doing? I was playing a video game (that's a device used for having fun, if you don't know). More specifically, I was playing a Racing Game. I loved the surge of acceleration. I loved the grace with which you have to take corners. I loved the tingling feeling I got when I turned the wheel and felt the pull of the tires through a tight hairpin. I loved slinging the car's hips around into huge, graceful powerslides and holding them for hundreds of feet with the engine roaring and the tires screaming and spouting smoke. But most importantly, I loved the speed.

There are few things in this world that I feel impassioned enough about to actually put them on my "to do before I die" list. Every single item on that list has to do with cars in some way. Okay, well, I'd really like to meet a national leader, but I'd have to drive a car to get to them, wouldn't I?

I want to go over 220 miles per hour in a car.

I want to break a track time record (in a car).

I want to take a hairpin and actually, truly, 100% know that I pushed the car to it's fullest and went around that corner as fast as was physically possible.

But most importantly, I want to be the best in the world at something. Anything. I want to win it.

Because that's something I have never done; win. Dominate. I've won my fair share of games and things like that, but that's not the point. Anyone can win. Everyone wins. Everyone has won something at one time in their life. But not too many people have been able to say, at one point in their lives, even if just for a fraction of a second: "I have beaten everyone else and I am the best in the world". I don't care if you're the best nose-picker in the world; that is something and no one else has beat you. So you get kudos from me for it.

I understand that victory is temporary. I know that last-year's champion could end up this-year's dropout. I know and embrace the fact that there will always be someone better than you, no matter how many trophies you have in your living room. But they didn't sign up for the competition, did they? You can prove it. They cannot. They have not faced the trial by fire. They may have the skill to pass it and beat you even, but you have passed and that is what sets you apart. When someone else comes along and passes the test, I will gladly pass along the flame. But I ain't going down without a fight.

But all this talk of victory is a bit premature. I'm still just a Chump. But, with a bit of training come the 29th, I might just turn into a Champ.

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