Tuesday, November 17, 2009

(95) And the award goes to... me, but not me

The Jim Russell awards banquet was last Sunday. It lasted quite a long time as there were many class winners to announce (the school sponsors the Rotax Challenge).

I was all set to receive my 3rd place trophy when 3rd place was announced as being... not me. Needless to say I was a little confused. By my math, I'd got it. The instructors had said I got it after the last race. The press release I got in the email said I was squarely in 3rd place by 20 points. But the name on the trophy was not mine.

I talked it over with a few of the people with the school, some of whom were also confused, and they agreed to recalculate the winners.

The result of which is my official 3rd place finish in the Jim Russell Senior Arrive and Drive Championship.

It seems that even karting is not immune to Formula 1 levels of controversy.

Regardless of this, I'm very thankful to the school for doing a very good job in running the series this year with very few hiccups. I think it's a real testament to the coaches in the school that they were able to take me in as a completely inexperienced kid and transform me into a race winner in two short years - I've learned more about racing this last year than I thought possible. To my competitors, if you're reading, it was a blast to race against you and we managed to keep it fair all year. And to the winner and runner-up in the championship, congratulations, it was an amazing fight to the end.