Saturday, January 14, 2012

(161) Welcome to the new you

Here we are. We're in the future. This is 2012. The last year on earth if the Mayans aren't pulling a really good practical joke on us. I thought there would be more hoverboards.

Normally by this time in the off-season I'd at least have my intended direction chosen for the next racing season. But this time that is not the case. This year the decision is about real life. Uh oh. I just said the two words every racer hates to hear - "real life."

No. I'm not stopping. I'm not quitting. I'm charging forward. I'm just not charging forward in a race car at the moment, I'm charging forward in life. I have income to secure in order to continue racing. It may be a year or more until I'm able to take the green flag again - I just don't know. I do know that I will take the green flag again at some point in the future.

My future rests on whatever means I come by to produce a humble wealth. At the moment, I'm building an advertising business. In doing so I am gaining skills I can use to earn money in other ways. It's slow going at the moment, but I have to keep trying until it works.

When it does, I'm going back into racing the very first chance I get. There is no such thing as rehab for the drug called speed. Racing cars are faster than wagons, so who'd want to ride a wagon in the first place?

In the mean time, I will not stop performance driving. Autocross is an avenue anyone with a car can afford. I will do that if only to keep driving fast. And I am continuing to train. I am keeping my body fit with daily physical training and my mind focused on racing performance with racing simulators and mental imaging.

I've been doing my training for so long I'm beginning to relish it. I have a new favorite exercise. It's a Swiss ball crunch, and it's really awesome because it's difficult and it has a wide range of movement. Look it up in order to find out how to do it properly - I'm not a personal trainer so someone is likely to hurt themselves if I explain it wrong.

There's also a sport that I love but have not participated in for a couple years called airsoft. It's like paintball but it uses pellets instead of paint. It's a ton of fun and running around in the forest wearing body armor and shooting at people all day is a good workout. I'm going to start playing again.

On the simulator side I'm focusing almost entirely on I believe I've spoken about it some in the past. It's a rather good tool with very nice tracks, relevant cars, and a really well thought out online racing system. It's more expensive than other games but it's worth it as a training tool. I'm still looking to do a review on it at some point, but they are in the middle of releasing the "2.0" updates that will improve the realism, so I'm waiting until that process is finished. No sense in reviewing "1.9" when "2.0" is right around the corner. Then I promise I'll critically rip it to shreds.

I have a number of ideas to give you guys something to read while I'm away from the track. Never fear, Chump to Champ isn't going stagnant! That's giving up behavior. We don't do that kind of thing.