Sunday, January 20, 2013

(183) Full circle

In recent weeks, I have been busy at my new job with Simraceway Performance Karting Center. The work I've been doing so far has been track support, such as running open practice and flagging for the 4 hour karting enduro we had this weekend. Officially, I'm an instructor, but everyone chips in any way they can. In addition to instructing and track support, I can also do shop support to help out the mechanics and learn more about working on the karts. Since I haven't owned a kart myself I don't know all that much about working on them, and the more I am able to do, the more useful I will be to the company.

On the whole, I am very much enjoying working for Simraceway. I get to choose my own schedule, in part, and the people in the company are fantastic to work with. I knew that already, of course, because I've spent plenty of time there as a student.

Since the racing school scene is very seasonal, I will continue doing track support until the season picks up. Once we get to the busy time of year the school is going to need every instructor, and I'll be incredibly busy.

In other news, the San Francisco SCCA Region Solo banquet was last week, and both my dad, Scott, and I picked up our trophies for the 2012 championship season. It was pretty special being able to finish 1st and 2nd in our first autocross championship.

The banquet itself was a great time. The event was held in the Blackhawk Auto Museum, which has a cool collection of cars. They had a Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona, which is my favorite pre-'90 car. Not the flashiest or the best looking, but for some reason I really can't explain, I feel drawn to it. Maybe it's the Dan Gurney/Brock Yates Cannonball connection. They did New York to Los Angeles in just under 36 hours. It just seems like a car that would go and do something like that.

Anyway, of course there were other, rarer, more exquisite cars on hand. Some of my favorites were the B.A.T. Alfa Romeo concept cars, the JMS #40 Porsche 935, and the Bugatti Type 50T.

After wandering through the history, everyone sat down for dinner and awards presentations. The ceremonies were fairly quick, yet entertaining, and many pictures were snapped.

Novice 1-2!


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