Friday, February 15, 2013

(184) I'm late, I'm late!

The first autocross of the year sneaked up on us. It's good we are competing in the stock class, since a stock car doesn't need much preparation to go racing.

And at least for now, the Subaru will remain in the D Stock class. We are considering moving to the T1 Stock Street Tire class. That is an indexed (handicapped) class where stock cars compete with street tires. Oddly, Stock cars can compete with racing tires in open competition. T1 houses all the Stock classes, but requires street tires. It's a popular class.

But for the first round, at least, we stayed in D Stock.

Which proved to be a good decision from a championship points perspective. 25 drivers showed for T1, but only 6 drove in D Stock. In total 260 drivers descended on the Oakland Coliseum parking lot for the inaugural round of the San Francisco Region SCCA Championship series.

This flood of competitors meant the event was running a little behind schedule. The club debuted a new group format to hopefully make the event flow through a little more smoothly. This also has the side-effect of reducing work load on the workers. When one group gets done racing, they have to work to replace cones and call penalties for the next group. If there are more classes, and thus, cars, in a group, the workers have to be out there longer. If you have 4 groups of 25 cars, switching to 5 groups of 20 cars means the workers don't have to stand out there for as many runs. It produces new challenges, of course, as run groups must be switched out more efficiently, but the gains are pretty severe if everything goes smoothly.

And it did. Despite the slight delay in the morning, the day finished just before the sun went down. The first round of the championship last year didn't finish before dark, and had fewer entries.

Scott and I had some rust to knock off. Dad's first run was smooth, mine was a bit over the limit. I dialed it back and didn't gain too much time in my second run. Dad missed a reference point and DNF'd by missing a gate. Our 3rd runs were much better. Scott ended up with 48.4, 4th in class and I got down to a 46.2, 3rd in class.

Of course, I took video!

Round 1 helmet cam!

I'm sorry this is late, my week has been full and I have been lazy outside of my responsibilities.